MRL Capital Ltd is the Trustee of the Lihirians Equity Trust, a trust created in 1997 to hold shares in the then Lihir Gold Limited for the Tinetalgo, Unawos, Nikama, Lamatlik, Tengawom, and Nissal clans of the Lihir Group of Islands.   

These shares were subsequently liquidated in 2007 and proceeds of the sale of the shares have been invested in real estate, trading shares, and other liquid assets in Papua New Guinea and Australia. 

The intention to invest serves two main, long term purposes of the Trust; one is to generate sufficient annual income to pay distributions to eligible Lihirians and the other is to support a Community Service Obligation Program to improve education, health and social welfare standards targeting members of the clans, who are beneficiaries of the Trust.

Under the Lihirians Sustainable Development Plan, the vision of the clans is to see financial independence of all Lihirians after closure of the mine. All Lihirian entities including MRL Capital are obliged to create income-generating opportunities for individual clan members to participate in efforts to achieve the vision, although on the backdrop of improving standards in education, health, social welfare and general infrastructure. 


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