“MRL Capital Limited’s vision under its’ Community Service Obligation Charter is to see the integral human development of all Lihirians. “As part of this mission, MRL Capital’s Scholarship Program aims to promote knowledge, global and local awareness, and encourage Lihirians to think globally and act locally in their efforts to develop themselves, their province and their country.”

This extract from the from the first one-day forum on MRL Capital Ltd Tertiary Education Scholarship Program (TESP) held on Lihir Island on the 19th January 2012 reflects the vision of the clan leaders and board members of MRL Capital Ltd and goes on to outline the overall goals of the program;
a). to develop the capacity and leadership skills of all Lihirians so they can contribute to development
b). to build professional networks at the individual, institutional and country levels.’

These goals are in line with the mission, vision and values of the Lihir Destiny, the concept of balanced, stable and parallel development for all Lihirians. The TESP was first introduced and offered to eligible Lihirians in 2010 with the release of the document titled, ‘MRL Capital Limited Tertiary Education Scholarship Scheme: 2010-2015’ by the then Managing Director Thomas Tanasu with the motto, ‘Developing Lihir Leaders of Tomorrow’. This document set out the background and rationale for the scheme, the eligibility criteria for applicants, the application and assessment process, code of ethics for successful applicants, eligible institutions and the benefits scholarship holders will receive.

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