Read the scholars' interviews from 2011

Melissa Kaven

Bachelor of Science‐University of Papua New Guinea

“I’ve always wanted to become a doctor and the scholarship assistance from MRLC will go a long way in ensuring that I achieve this dream. My parents are both medical professionals, so I guess choosing this career path was easy. “Thank you MRLC for assisting me realise this dream.” Melissa is in her first year of studies for a Bachelor of Science Degree. She wants to become a doctor. Like her father, she aims to one day, graduate in medicine and serve the people of PNG in her profession.


Gerald Yanasa

Diploma in Accounting– Institute of Business Studies

“My ultimate aim is to successfully graduate with an Accounting degree. I am currently studying for my Diploma and hope to graduate next year. “This scholarship is highly appreciated. I am privileged to be sponsored by MRLC and will do my very best to ensure that all the help I am getting from the Company is not wasted.”

Gerald has set his sights on furthering his education, either here or overseas and knows that what he needs to do now is concentrate on his studies.


Melanie Maur

Bachelor of Commerce‐ University of Southern Queensland

“Being a recipient of this scholarship is a privilege. In order for my future ambitions to be achieved, this is where it starts. Placing the first step ahead is the key to completing the whole journey. “From the knowledge I gain at the completion of my finance major, I will be able to live my dreams as well as help my family by providing financial advice on projects they are engaged in and contribute to development on Lihir and PNG.

“It is my aim to be able to assist my people prepare themselves for life after mine closure and with this degree of exposure, I am confident I will be able to do that.”


Newman Sana

Bachelor of Civil Engineering‐ University of Southern Queensland

“I would like to be working as a senior Engineer in 10 years time, in charge of either a geothermal power station or a processing plant. “This scholarship is helping me realize these dreams and I am thankful.

I was one of the initial beneficiaries of the scheme, when it was launched in 2010. Three years on and I am indebted to the company for believing in me. I am studying for a Degree in Instrumentation and Control Engineering.

My career interest is to work in big industries such as mining and energy production where Instrumentation and control engineering encompasses the design, build and management of systems that are used in a range of modern industrial settings.


Stanley Gona Daimol

Bachelor of Regional and Town Planning– University of Queensland

“I see this opportunity to study abroad as a stepping stone to achieving greater things. Through this scholarship, I am now exposed to the world and the opportunities that are available. “It is also a challenge for me. I need to prioritize my goals, the first; to successfully graduate with my degree.

“In ten years time, I hope to be contributing in my capacity as a planner to the development of Lihir and PNG.”


Loise Kondiak

Bachelor of Commerce– Pacific Adventist University

“Being on the scholarship means a lot to me. This is the beginning of a new chapter in my life in which at present, I have to see the forthcoming challenges and achievements as the end result of the scholarship program offered. “As a recipient, I also have to make use of the resources provided and get the best out of it. I reckon this is the primary objective of MRLC as well.

It will be Loise’s “greatest achievement” to one day become a Certified Practicing Accountant and reduce the number of qualified accountants that are coming in from abroad. She knows that with these qualification, she will be able to achieve her goal of leading a business entity either on Lihir or elsewhere in PNG.


Pauline Braun

Bachelor in Education– University of Goroka

“I am working very hard, not only to graduate as a specialist teacher, but to also do well so that I continue to be on the MRLC scholarship. I also want to return to Lihir and teach there and with the exposure and educational I will then have, I know I will be able to do a lot for the school. “It is important to be properly educated as it prepares our generation and those after us for life after mine closure and I am thankful for the MRLC scholarship for doing that.

Pauline is studying for a Bachelor in Education Degree at the University of Goroka. She wants to specialize in Accounting and teach on Lihir after the completion of the five year program.


Enoch Sasie

Bachelor in Accounting– University of Southern Queensland

“After this four year program, I will be graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Sustainable in Business and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, all thanks to the financial assistance of MRLC. “As a young Lihirian, this opportunity to further my studies is Godsend and I will do my utmost best to ensure that I successfully graduate.

“I would like to help support my family, the people of Lihir and PNG, with the knowledge, skills and experience I gain after this program.”

Lawrence Baras

Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Political Science, University of Papua New Guinea.

I have benefitted from the scholarship for three years now and it has assisted my parents and I in a big way. This is my final year of studies in the Bachelor of Political Science program and I am working very hard to ensure that I not only pass my exams but graduate and find employment.

My aim is to work with communities on the island develop processes that will allow them to better manage themselves and while that may not happen immediately, it is something I would like to do.


Dorothy Samewan

Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Education, University of Goroka

Through this scholarship, I have been fortunate enough to pursue a degree in Arts, majoring in Education. Obtaining this degree means a lot to me as with it, I will be the only one in my family to achieve a higher educational qualification. And while that comes with responsibilities, it will enable me to help myself and my family. I would like to return to Lihir and teach after graduating as well as pursue further studies.


Ruru Gasrong

Diploma in Commerce, University of Technology, Lae Morobe Province

The scholarship has taken the burden of paying school fees away from my parents. With my fees taken care of by the scholarship, my parents now only worry about paying fees for my younger siblings. Being on this scholarship is a real privilege. I am one of a select few who has been chosen and while I am proud of this achievement, I am also mindful of its responsibilities. I know that I need to work extra hard for myself, my family, and my sponsors. I am enrolled in the Diploma in Commerce program and while this course ends this year, I would like to pursue further studies. I know I can do it.


Vanessa Karani

Diploma in Communication for Development, University of Technology, Lae

The financial assistance has been tremendous especially when coming form a family with only one parent. I am studying for a Diploma in Communication for Development. This is my second year. There is the option of continuing onto the degree program and I hope I do well enough to qualify to do that next year. The course I am taking is relevant to the needs of Lihirians. It is designed to assist communities directly affected by major project developments. I am eager to return to the island and hope I can make a difference in the lives of people there.


Vivian Sereng

Diploma in Business, Majoring in Management– National Polytechnic Institute of PNG, Lae

I am a first year student studying for a Diploma in Business, majoring in Management, at the National Polytechnic Institute in Lae, Morobe Province. I am grateful for this privilege and to the company for having confidence in my ability to perform. I will do my utmost best to excel in my respective course.

The hopes of my people, my family and my personal goals and aspirations lies on my ability to perform my best and I can not let anyone down.


Albert Sili

Diploma in Accounting, Institute of Business Studies, Port Moresby.

The MRLC scholarship is helping me in a big way. Through the scheme, I am able to pursue a tertiary education at the Institute of Business Studies that would otherwise not have been possible. With my fees and other costs paid, money that would have been spent on me is being used to educate my other siblings. At IBS, my academic progress to obtaining a degree in Accounting is very much dependent on me and how serious I am in pursuing this. I hope to one day work as a qualified accountant. Thanks to MRLC, I can see that happening.


Chris Hiliolaka

Diploma in Primary School Teaching, Kaindi Teachers College, East Sepik Province.

This is my final year in the Diploma in Primary School teaching program at Kaindi Teachers’ College and I am planning to return to Lihir to teach after graduating. I am aware of the huge role I play as an educator, especially that of young children.

I know I can assist them either become successful in life or otherwise. Thanks to the scholarship, I will now be able to successfully graduate and look forward to greater things in life.


Thomas Lakbiah

Certificate in Agriculture, Highlands Agricultural College, Western Highlands.

Thomas is enrolled at the Highlands Agricultural College in Mt Hagen. He is in his second year of studies in the college’s Certificate in Farming program and has taken a keen interest in this field. He hopes to apply his new found skills to “assist my people” when he returns and thanked MRLC for the scholarship His enrolment in the program is further enhancement of knowledge and skills he learnt during a six‐month study program at the OISCA Eco‐Tech Training Centre in Rabaul in 2009.

There he learnt, amongst other things , Animal Husbandry and Marketing, Rice and Inland Fish Farming.


James Lakie

Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting, University of Southern Queensland, Australia.

I have chosen the course Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting with a dream to pursue a career in Accounting and Finance. I understand it will take a lot of personal sacrifice and hard work if I am to achieve my dreams but I am determined to do that.

For me, being on the scholarship and being given the opportunity to study in Australia is a privilege and I can’t thank the company enough. I am here and I am prepared to do my best.

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