Community Grants programs fall under the Community Service Obligation Program and are administered by the Lihir Office after approval from the MRLC board. Criteria for applications is based on the principles of the Lihir Destiny and the needs of the community.

An example of this was the emergency assistance to the Mahur community in May 2011 during a particularly bad dry spell. A grant of K15,000 was used to purchase food supplies and bottled water for the villages of Lih, Lakamelen and Kuelam. Read More about this assistance

Grant applications are primarily in the areas of Education and Church groups. Education grant requests are usually for stationary and graduation prizes. Church group applications are usually for transport and logistic support for events.

Since 2011 over K250,000 has been approved through the Community Grants scheme. A breakdown of the scheme reveals the majority of the grants are in the form of Education resistance. MRLC Community Grants Scheme is the sponsor of dux awards at the Lihir High Sschool and education support assistance to a variety of primary and elementary schools throughout the island. 

A police vehicle was supplied to the local  police station in 2010 to support the Law & Order Program on the island.

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