MRL Capital Board of Directors

Mark Soipang
Board Chairman

Mark is a founding director and Chairman. Under his leadership the Board of MRL Capital continues to diligently manage and grow the Lihirian Trust. With the exit from MRDC, Mark was reappointed to the Board of MRL Capital. He represents the Tinetalgo Clan on the Board.


Lawrence Rausim
Director & Managing Director MRL Capital

Lawrence joined the Board as the Nikama Clan representative in November 2011. An engineer by profession, he brings with him more than 10 years experience both as a professional and in his capacity as board representative on a number of organisations on Lihir.


Cornelia Sokes

Cornelia holds a Certificate in Commerce and has more than 15 years accounting experience, working at the Lihir Gold mine. She represents the Lamatlik clan on the Board and is also a director on the board of the clan company she helped establish, Lamatlik Investment Limited. Cornelia joined the Board on May 22, 2009. 


John Kapsa




Melchizidek Morus



Joseph Braun



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